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Looking For Light: A Game of Joyful Expectation

The upcoming book, Looking for Light: A Game of Joyful Expectation contains hundreds of quotes from fifty master teachers, mystics, metaphysicians, theologians, and scientists validating the spiritual laws at play in Looking for Light. This book will become a nightstand favorite to read a few quotes before bedtime and an essential travel companion. The quotes by these spiritual masters will inspire you to play the game daily.

The following are excerpts by the author from various chapters of the book:

“In the summer of 2010, I spent three weeks at Unity Village, Missouri, completing the courses needed to graduate from Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) and began the final year of leadership training for licensure as a Unity teacher. One of the classes I attended was a course on Advanced Metaphysics with Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, dean of S.E.E. at Unity School of Christianity and author of the book Heart-Centered Metaphysics.

Several days into the class I asked permission to distribute a copy of Looking for Light. Without reading it, Rev. Paul agreed. The majority of the class seemed to instantly grasp what this game was about, but one student had a different reaction. She became quite upset, began crying, and said, ‘How can you say everything is good? You haven’t had your only daughter try to commit suicide!’ I didn’t respond except to keep playing the game, holding close in my mind the connection with Spirit while also sending love to this woman. It was obvious Rev. Paul’s immediate concern was for her. Then he stopped and read the paper I had distributed. With a look of deep inner reflection on his face, he paused for perhaps a minute or more, and then declared, ‘This is an advanced game!’ And with even greater emphasis he repeated, ‘THIS is an advanced game!’ ”

“Christ consciousness can be defined as a state in which the divine potential within every human being has been realized. This means one mind, one heart, with God and one another. It means seeing ourselves and each other through eyes that recognize the Christ nature of our being and maintaining that perspective continually. It is in recognizing our indwelling Christ nature that we can fully step into our divine birthright of a spiritualized being. In recognizing the Christ nature within us, we open the doors to the kingdom of heaven here on earth. We become Who we really are and begin living from that Christ center.

We live in an evolutionary universe whose universal laws are always at play. When we set a vision in mind and hold steady on that course, circumstances and experiences that match the thoughts and feelings we are evoking present themselves to us in response. The longer and more steady we hold this vision without wavering, the more our body’s intelligence becomes acclimated to this new way of feeling. Consistently playing Looking for Light creates a cycle of continual feelings of gratitude and joy. These feelings create new neural pathways in our brains with subsequent chemical responses in our bodies generating even more good feelings. Eventually these good feelings become our emotional signature. The body imprints this pattern into its cells and it becomes the body’s intelligence. Then reality entrains to this dominant emotional state. It really is as simple as that.”

“Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone’s focus was held in joyful expectation for good to appear in every moment of every day? It would transform our world into one of peace and joy and love. All that needs to happen is for enough of us to play the game.”

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A project of this magnitude requires many resources to make it successful. It is funded through Grace Unlimited Inc., a corporation whose vision is to provide Looking for Light as a non-denominational spiritual practice, an umbrella, under which all organizations, religions, and individuals can unite through a resonance field of higher consciousness. The results will be a gentle lifting of our world and humanity into living with one another in peace and prosperity.

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~ Patricia Wagner, owner of Grace Unlimited Inc. and founder of Looking for Light