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What They Are Saying

Today I am playing in the Light of a light snow falling, her fluffy snowflakes falling softly to settle by her Snowman.
Paul Goldman

As always, I thank Creator for the beautiful friends I have.
Phil Chavez Stacey

I am thankful and grateful for all that was, all that is, and all that will be….
Marianne van Beek miigwetch

Lo and behold….I AM LIGHT!
Laura Kevalas

We are all spiritual beings so this will be great for our SOULS!
Jane Bessey

We Are All Connected.
Marta Macbeth

Thank you so much for the ideas and great reminders bringing joyous hearts with thankful lights warm and bright sharing love and peace.
Djaay Jacobsen

Pammi Wunder

The Gratitude Wave…is coming down in every sound and she knows all her paths lead to peace…I have a painting I finished in response to The Key…The Gratitude Wave …My heartrose fill’s with the TRUTH…may gratitude equally allow the flow of LOVE now flow through all of you…Peace Be With You…Namaste.
Gillian Kathryn Johns

To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light.’ ~Emerson
Eveline Maria Smith