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The Invitation

Calling all Conscious Co-Creators!

Calling all Spiritual Leaders, Meditators, Energy Healers, and Lightworkers, the time has come to create a unified field of consciousness which evolves creation itself. Looking For Light is a game, a game of higher consciousness, which opens the doorways of our minds and hearts to become channels for God’s good. Its transformational power lies in shifting perception from human eye level to a raised single-eye vision of God everywhere present in our lives.

Playing Looking For Light creates a powerful high vibrational resonance field that connects us with one another energetically. It is in playing the game that we transform ourselves and the world around us. We need do nothing more.

By frequently playing Looking For Light, you will experience the following transformative qualities:

  • Frees your mind from limiting beliefs and judgments
  • Retrains your human perception to see God everywhere
  • Resets to normal a raised vibration and consciousness
  • Opens you to become a receiver of unlimited good
  • Transforms your life and our world into pure potentiality

Collectively we can transform our world into one of magnificent beauty, everlasting peace and bountiful joy. We thank you for joining us in consciousness during the following Looking For Light global events.

Looking For Light: Nine Days of Play,
from the 13th through the 21st each month.
It begins here, it begins now!

Please join us in playing the game, Looking For Light: A Game of Joyful Expectation, for nine consecutive days from the 13th through the 21st each month. Playing the game together we create a Co-Creative Consciousness Collective during those nine days.

Each month conference calls are available on the 12th at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific) to answer any questions you may have about how to play Looking For Light. We’ll come back together again by phone on the 22nd at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Pacific) to share our experiences playing Looking For Light for nine consecutive days.

The phone number for all calls is:

Access Code: 125789#

On “The Game” page of, you can download and print a free copy of the game, Looking For Light: A Game of Joyful Expectation. If you would like to receive a reminder of Looking For Light events, webinars and teleclasses, please subscribe below.

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We encourage you to keep a journal of your experiences these nine days and blog about it on this site. Together we are creating a powerful collective field of higher consciousness simply by playing the game. Your participation is essential, valued and greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much!

~ Patricia Wagner, founder of Looking for Light



Godmorning dear Patricia,
I wanted to let you know that I am playing the game and loving every minute of it! I see light everywhere. I also recognize when I slip out (on the golf course) and my talks with God at this moment are very entertaining to say the least. Anyway, just wanted to share how delightful this has been and continues to be.

A day later Jennifer wrote:
So much is happening Patricia. It’s amazing when we just let go and let God do the work. It’s all flowing so effortlessly and little miracles abound.

Several weeks later Jennifer wrote:
I continue to play the game and I am experiencing a richness that is hard to articulate, but is felt as waves of energy and ripples of delight. It’s as if everything is dancing in light, and even that which is not bathed in light is accentuated by their contrasts — it’s like being in a Monet painting. This “seeing” extends to interactions with people and my ability to hold sacred space for them and myself expands and deepens. The present moment becomes my oasis and the past and future take their rightful place. September was a month I made profound changes in my life and I attribute much of this to Looking for Light. As I played, and surrendered to the light, I was able to let go of the last threads of what “no longer serves me” on this path. How incredibly delightful.

~ Jennifer Johnston, M.Ed, Founder & CEO Intent Heals, LLC,,

I took up the challenge of looking for light in my life. The next day I went for my morning walk which is in a rural area. I was delighted to have a butterfly decide to accompany me on my journey. It flitted around and about me for the longest time, as if it were MY butterfly. I have never had that happen before. I am sure that my mindfulness in looking for the light manifested my experience with MY butterfly.

~ Jesse Kauffman, Life Coach, retired Army MSG

For me the light came when I needed to create a piece of jewelry I was having difficulty creating. Something light flashed outside my window and caught my attention. When I looked outside there were at least 15 butterflies and hummingbirds of all shapes and sizes. The ones that caught my eye were black and yellow hummingbirds. They hang out in my yard all the time, but this day I really looked at their wings of bright yellow and black trim that looks like lace. I turned to the beads I was working with and finished my creation, knowing I had to weave the love into it as were the wings of the hummingbird. So I did. And it was easy to let my handmade beads go to someone else filled with the love and light I had just seen.

~ Sue Mitchell, Jewelry Artist

Well, something definitely changed shortly after waking up and looking at myself in the mirror. “Umm, who is that handsome man in the mirror” was a brand new thought that emerged from my core. You see part of my new core belief exercises included the statement “The Universe is a friendly place. I am content and blessed to be me.” Later I started to reflect on “Looking for Light,” the game. Was this experience an expression of the “Light” coming forth through me? I wasn’t sure and not having a definite answer didn’t seem to matter. I knew something profound was “going on” at a deeper level and I loved it.

A few days later, Thomas wrote:
Just wanted to say that something’s going on here, I mean in my perception of the world/my environment etc. What I’m noticing is a “new” kind of awareness. It’s hard to describe, there’s a more sensitive part of me, or is it the real me, that’s watching/observing me live my life. Sounds weird, and when I ‘m driving, this sense of presence really becomes a more dominant energy. Does this make any sense? This phenomena has occurred in the past but only sporadically. Now this “State of Being” has become more and more prevalent. To be continued…

~ Thomas Turbyne, Licensed Massage Therapist

When I deliberately looked to find God/Goodness/Love/Light everywhere, I began to see beyond the appearance of people’s faces. Ordinary things began to take on extraordinary richness. More and more I am seeing and experiencing what I’ve been taught and intellectually believed since childhood….that God is everywhere. I believe if we deliberately set the intention to ‘Look for Light’ each day, we’ll enjoy more of our environment. We’ll begin to see behind the form into the formless Life that permeates everything and everyone. I’ve come to see, in a way like never before, the playfulness of God and Creation.

~ Judith McBriar, former Catholic nun, now retired and loving life